Thursday, December 1, 2011

Journal #9

Reading Redefined for a Transmedia Universe

Lamb, A. (2011). Reading redefined for a transmedia universe. Learning and Leading with Technology, 39(3), 12-17. Retrieved from

Summary: In this article, Lamb proceeds to redefine the meanings of the words "book" and "reading." She decided that a more appropriate definition for book, given the advancement in technology we are seeing, is: a published collection of related pages or screens. Reading she redefined as: the process of constructing meaning from symbols. She then explores five electronic reading devices (e-books, interactive storybooks, reference databases, hypertext and interactive fiction, and transmedia storytelling) which has given students many more options on how they would like to read. The major question of this article was whether or not technology-based reading enhanced or distracts students from the learning experience. The answer lies in whether or not the technology helps struggling readers with tools such as clarification of content, factors that contribute to the mood of the story or cues that lead readers to important events. The harm in these devices is that there can be too many "bells and whistles" that distract the reader and are really just eye candy instead of focusing on the content of the reading which is the part of the reading experiences that provides value to a learner. She stresses the importance of distinguishing fact from fiction which can be a problem in the e-realm. At the end of the day, children love e-books and it is up to the educators to adapt and use these tools to their advantage in the classroom. 

Q1: Do you think it is appropriate for child to be shying away from paper books and exploring the world of e-books?

A1: Regardless of whether there is negatives of e-books or not, they are here. Children are interested in technology and integrating this into an environment that can be used for learning and to an educators advantage is important. Educators need to find new ways to relate to their kids and get on board with e-reading.

Q2: What are some of the negative affects that may be seen in the classroom when it comes to e-reading?

A2: It is always a possibility with e-books that there may be too many distractions with all of the "apps" and cool tools that are a part of devices such as the Kindle. It is important to be aware that e-books can end up being another toy for a child if not directed toward the academic side of reading electronically. 

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