Thursday, December 1, 2011

Journal #10

Point/Counterpoint: Is the Digital Native a Myth?

Martinez, S., & Prensky, M. (2011). Point/counterpoint: Is the digital native a myth?. Learning & Leading, 39(3), Retrieved from

Summary: The article begins with the question: is the digital native a myth? It gives two viewpoints,
yes or no. In the yes portion of the article, the author discusses how "Digital Immigrant" and "Digital 
Native" are catchy phrases, but are they sufficient in defining the surge of technologically advanced 
adolescence and the lack of technologically savvy adults? Unfortunately, these catchy phrases do 
nothing for the actual computing process and how technology helps learners. Catchy phrases need 
not be confused with guiding principles in education. Students need to understand why adults think 
technology is important and make sure they are being active participants in the process. It is 
important to remember that both students and teachers are life-long learners. In the no portion of the 
article, the author discusses how it is pointless to discuss whether the digital native is a myth because 
it is just a term to describe young adults that were born in the digital age. It is however, an important 
term because it encompasses a huge reality of the 21st century and hold a lot of power in the digital 

Q1: Can using terms like "Digital Native" or "Digital Immigrant" have any negative connotations associated with it that can be harmful in a classroom?
A1: These terms are just catch phrases. They should be taken lightly as just a way to describe whether or not someone was born in the digital age or not. It is true that some may take this negatively but that is not its intent.

Q2: What power does technology hold in the classroom?
A2: It can be argued that technology holds the majority of the power in the classroom. Not only are blogs by teachers being posted, students are using technologically advance learning programs, using microsoft products for essays and assignments, teachers are using Docu-cam's and other devices for displaying information in front of the class. These are essential for a classroom and as we continue in the digital age, we will see more and more technology arising.

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