Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Journal #4

“It’s in the Bag” (NETS-T 1,2&3)

Basham, J. D., Perry, E., & Meyer, H. (2011). It’s in the bag. Learning and Leading with Technology, 39(2), 24-25. Retrieved from

Summary: This article discussed the concept of a digital backpack. A digital backpack is just that: a backpack filled with digital tools that your students can use in order to enhance their digital experience. There are three types of learning devices found in these backpacks: foundational technology, modular technology, and instructional support materials. Most teachers overlook the importance of instructional support materials, which in reality is deemed most important. The article goes on to discuss an example of using digital backpacks for elementary, middle school, and high school and gives a lesson plan for each level. The digital backpack provides a great method for engaging students across different content areas.

Q1. How would you use a digital backpack in your classroom?

A1. I would use a digital backpack in order to enhance the learning experience in the classroom. I really liked the example given in the article for elementary level students, where they took a field trip to the zoo with their digital backpacks. They were instructed to design a way in which to make the zoo more kid friendly. I think incorporating technology into fun and interesting lesson plans engages the kids and encourages them to learn how to use these devices.

Q2. How are you going to overcome technological obstacles when it comes to getting comfortable using digital tools inside a digital backpack?

A2. I would take my issues and concerns to my PLN on twitter and ask advice and seek to find resources that they may be willing to share that will increase my knowledge of how to use these tools. 

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