Friday, September 9, 2011


Hi my name is Kara Jones. People call me Kara Jones. Yep, I'm on a first and last name basis with nearly everyone. I'm from Danville, CA which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. I know what you are thinking and yes, I do say hella. Annoying right? Anyways, I attended Sycamore Valley Elementary, Charlotte Wood Middle School, San Ramon Valley High School, and a slew of colleges. I have now officially attended four different colleges. I started at Diablo Valley College in Northern California but when I decided to move to San Diego I had to first attend Mesa College. Then I received my Bachelor's of Science from San Diego State University which were some of the best years of my life. I somehow managed to stay on track and graduated in four years. Now I obviously attend CSU San Marcos. I am working toward my teaching credential but am currently enrolled in the prerequisites for the program. My goal is to be a Special Education Teacher in either Elementary or Middle School.

My experience with technology is primarily with social networking sites like Facebook. I was an avid instant messenger when I was younger and as a result I can type extremely fast. I am a Mac person. I own a Macbook Pro which I actually didn't purchase until after my graduation but was one of the best purchases of my life. I love all their programs especially imovie which I used to create a movie/slideshow of my niece (pictured above) for her 2nd birthday. Great present by the way, fan favorite, if you are a broke college kid like the rest of us. 

The mission statement of CSUSM and the College of Education was not a factor in me applying to the University because to be quite honest, I didn't know what the mission statement was until I read the syllabus for all my classes. However, I think that the mission statement definitely speaks to me. Transforming the public education system is one of the top reasons for wanting to go into the teaching profession. It has made a huge impact on my decision and social justice, equity, and a commitment to diversity are key ingredients to creating a successful educator. I can only hope that when I receive my credential and become a teacher, that I can demonstrate these goals everyday in the classroom.

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  1. Wow, four colleges. I wish to attend various colleges like you did, hopefully SDSU as well. I've only attended CSUSM for 4 years and it would be nice to interact in other colleges and meet new people :)